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[MUSIC] Nick Lamb - "Gettin' High Off Of You"

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"Feel-good" rock is something that can be doubly employed for the
genre as well as a cross-section of it. It takes a lot of plotting and 
a lot of enthusiasm to successfully approach this and to carry it out
with one's own personal style. And in that light, Nick Lamb is someone
who is in step with the beginnings of this journey. Lamb's own personal
story is a key blueprint - hailing from a small town in Pennsylvania's 
coal mining region, he credits his father's position as a cherished local
musician who played rock and roll and country music as well as his
mother's own writing ambitions as the bedrock for his own dreams. This,
coupled with a birthday gift of Def Leppard tapes and a cassette deck 
player was a spark that lit the flames of wanting to be a musician in him.
After college, Nick decided to embark on his musical career and is now 
on the verge of releasing his first album, Rock N' Roll's My Road.

This single, "Gettin' High Off Of You" evokes a boyish charm from the 
opening notes, one that's awash in a feel that has some kinship with
Tom Petty's musical stylings. Lamb shows a keen proficiency for framing
the lyrics, which paint a picture of a cool cat being enamored of a woman's
style and her own attraction unfolding in subtle ways with a strident 
rhythm that captures the teasing energy that's natural in those situations.
Lamb is almost a one-man show here on vocals, and lead and bass guitar.
"Gettin' High Off Of You" is a sentiment that one can jam out to, and one
that might just be a pointed welcome to all that who are inclined to check out
more of Lamb's music and revel in what they find.

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