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[MUSIC] Dima Kash - "All Night"

If there's anything to be said about persistence, it's that having
it instilled in you early sets you further apart from the pack. When
it comes to rising rapper Dima Kash, that persistence is propulsion
for a career that's already gotten some notable events. Hailing from
Minnesota, Kash was originally born in Russia and came to the U.S.
with his parents at a young age. From that time onward, he took
it upon himself to be more independent. It wasn't until the birth of
his son that he made the choice to turn his love of music into what
he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He went into music full time,
creating a professional studio and going on to release his first album
in 2013 called Vibe With Me. Since that decision, Dima Kash has 
slowly built up a solid rep by opening up for and going on tour with
various established artists on their tour dates through the Midwest
such as Wiz Khalifa, Twista, Travis Porter and many more. He's even
performed at SXSW and has done shows in Japan.

All of that serves as a springboard for more possibilities with his music,
which he's keen to seize on with the release of a new single, "All Night."
This track is a decent entry point for those who may be new to Dima Kash's
sound. It's one of crisp production that doesn't concern itself with extra 
effects that would distract from the bars that Kash and King Wayz drop.
Kash has a style that fits with the more clever of those rapping today but
there's also a seasoned tone one gets when he rhymes. Listening to the
single makes it highly apparent that for Dima Kash, persistence is the 
tool that expresses his insistence on being around in the rap game for
years to come.



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