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[MUSIC] Lozk - "Meaningless Words"

We speak often about the importance of creating art
from what revolves around us, and how potent it can
be depending on the artist. In the case of Lozk, this is 
not a simple aspiration but rather a dedicated mission of
importance. Lozk itself is the brainchild of multimedia 
artist, musician and producer Leonardo Suarez Jimenez.
The Bogota, Colombia-based artist creates electronica 
that evokes a deep connection and reverence for the 
art of communication utilizing those senses we were
born with but sometimes don’t trust fully. Having won
the prestigious John Leckie award for Innovation in Music
Production back in 2012, Lozk looks to edge listeners 
more towards deeper waters of understanding with the
latest album, Meaningless Words.


The album starts out with a fairly silent intro track that
can be seen as an aural palate cleanser to help bring the
listener in line with what will come next. And what comes
next is a mystical trip of ten songs that pull you further
into what Lozk envisions: a soundscape that doesn’t need
words to express a communal vibe. Yes, there are no lyrics
throughout the album, giving heft to its title. But that gets
lost as the songs play out, built with samples of everyday
life that Jimenez has collected to construct the core of each
one. As a result, the songs give off a post-industrial appeal
that carries the hint of a primeval touch. “Han Sow” makes
the spirit tingle, with key tempo changes that are akin to the
crackling of a bonfire. “Warimomba” is delicate but churning
with the energy, led by guitar strumming that seems to stir
rather than just provide a choral guideline. “An Hawfin” has
an almost Middle Eastern zest to it, a tone poem that would
suit a dervish’s mood. The entirety of Meaningless Words proves
that Lozk’s mission is a very worthy one to partake in. The album
will be available on October 10th.

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