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[MUSIC] bitter's kiss - "Self-Titled"

If there’s anything within the sphere of the human
existence that makes us acutely aware of how fragile
it can be and how to still forge ahead with that in mind,
it’s dealing with life’s questions at a young age. While
some take quite a few years to figure it out, others do
have it within them to get clarity about it for themselves.
And in that vein, bitter’s kiss seems to be a crystal clear
example of how to do so.

The debut release from bitter’s kiss is both a harmonious
query about life and a vehicle to articulate the hope that
lies in every situation no matter how painful. bitter’s kiss
is the work of young singer and songwriter Chloe Baker,
who has grown up with music as a key part of her life for
years. This is due in part to the heavy influence of her
father, a musician who made sure to have a full studio in
the household and helped Chloe nurture her own musical
voice. That voice rings through powerfully on this release,
laden with a sage presence and a melodic range that pulls
at a listener’s spirit no matter the topic. That stands out 
as you listen to the entire album. A song like The Rope,
which was penned after a close cousin’s suicide, becomes
a double-edged sword of acknowledging the pain and the
emptiness one has to be in that position and a plea not to
go to that drastic length. Baker’s voice is hauntingly magnetic;
the co-mingling of sadness but hope in her voice and the
lyrics pack an emotional wallop you won’t forget. Another
standout selection is “Love Won’t Make You Cry” - hearing
Chloe’s refrain evokes a charming tone not unlike Loretta Lynn
is what makes this tune golden.

What this entire album is, is a hallmark of a young woman
finding her own voice and determining the strength of her
own beliefs within it. And if this is what she can come up 
with on a debut album, it stands to reason that there will
be even more wonderful music that leaves a lasting flavor
from bitter’s kiss. The album is available now on iTunes. 

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