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[MUSIC] Space Apaches - "Smokin' Voyages"

Need a little bit of trippy irreverance with your dosage
of stone cold rock and roll? Well the Space Apaches look
to keep you satisfied in that regard with their newest
album release, Smokin’ Voyages. The group is composed
of veteran studio musicians that call Asheville, North 
Carolina home. (Guitarist Andrew Reed was behind the
production of one album that charted in the top 5 nationwide
as an example.) And it’s their experience plus an inner 
need to make every song they record a mission to make
the listener feel real good that sets the tone of this album,
a tone that oozes psychedelic country and rock.

Smokin’ Voyages begins with a slight bit of interstellar 
transmission before diving right into the meat of the album,
a mixture of originals and covers. “Desert Life” feels as if
it was crafted decades ago, and the harmony found on the
song is powerful. The lead single, “Smile”, has a snarling
layer of guitar work that mingles well with the copious 
drumming that adds some heft to the introspective vocals.
“Empty”, even with a message that can lead to some down
feelings, still has an undeniable rapture laden within it. With
this release, the Space Apaches are more than willing to 
make sure that the rockin’ voyage they take you on will
open you to many of the wonders we sometimes seem to
miss. The album will be available through their website next

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