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[MUSIC] Elessar Thiessen - "A Rainy Week In Paradise"

When you think of raindrops, there is an unshakable notion
that accompanies them. That notion? That they create their
own musical expression, if you take the time to listen. And it
is that same notion and feeling that lies within the latest release
by singer/songwriter Elessar Thiessen, entitled A Rainy Week
In Paradise
. Thiessen, who hails from Winnipeg, Canada, has
become highly adept at being a rhythmic translator of the 
human spirit through song. His early interest in music was 
spurred by the Canadian frontier’s demanding wintry weather,
prompting him to pick up the guitar at the age of 8. From that
point, Elessar’s journey as a compelling musician began. After
releasing a previous EP, Head, Heart, Hands to critical acclaim
and even releasing a live version, Thiessen looks to build on that
appeal with this full-fledged album.

From the opening chords, Thiessen lets you know that this 
album is meant to be a lilting but powerful aural journey. His
sound is a rich blend of rock and ambient music that switches
between a drifting moodiness and boisterous bursts of sunshine.
The overall production of A Rainy Week In Paradise smartly 
frames Thiessen’s tranquil and firm vocals with lush tones. 
“You Girl” is a bluesy, downtempo ballad about longing for the
love of a woman that feels like a wispy trail of cigarette smoke
intertwined with perfume, especially when guest singer Alexa
Dirks joins in. “I Need A Woman” is tender, and with its gentle
guitar work is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. The 
album’s title track? It’s like being caught in the tail end of a
summer shower and running for cover, laughing in the midst
of it. What Thiessen has here is a splendid collection of songs
that are just like the aforementioned raindrops, in that they
add complexity and added spirit where there may not have been
much before. A Rainy Week In Paradise is available now 
through the artist’s website.

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