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[MUSIC] Tumbler - "You Said"

Life, for many, is a whirlwind that doesn’t allow a person
to step back like they wish to truly survey how far they’ve
gotten. For those that can even in the midst of rocky
journeys, their viewpoint is undoubtedly a blend of the
sweet and the bitter. Such is the case when you sit down
to listen to Tumbler. Their debut album, You Said, is a
stirring and hazy to being pure psychedelic blend of music
that covers all of the elements that make life joyful no
matter what. The band, hailing from Epsom, England is
composed of Richard Grace, his son Harry Grace and Dave
Needham. Richard has had a love of music from his days
of playing in local clubs and pubs. That love got him through
two marriages, and he passed it on to four of his six sons.
One of them, Harry, matched his father’s passion towards
music enough to begin working with his father on some
songs. They managed to link up with Dave Needham, a veteran
musician and engineeer with a fine studio and their efforts
led to You Said coming about.

It’s no wonder that the cover art is that of Harry leaping from
the crest of a hill. You Said feels like a leap of faith that is 
undercut with assurance with each track. Richard’s voice 
carries a tone that begins bittersweet but ends as a wry 
smile. The orchestration on each track beckons the listener
to sit and partake of the simple wonders that life gives us in
every circumstance. The album opens with “Moments”, a 
song that sways like cut crystal windchimes within an open
doorway. Throughout the album, Tumbler evokes a sound 
of calming folk with enough vigor to keep you present. “Break
or Fall” is enblematic of this, with its optimistic verses and 
charging guitar melody on the hook. There is also plenty of
whimsy on the album as well, as evidenced by “Sleepy 
Bananas Are Cool”. Tumbler’s music proves that if one leaps
with joy into the unknown, the flight will be rich and lasting.
You Said is available now through the band’s website

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