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[MUSIC] Ransom Scenery "ear to ear"

Seething. That’s the first word that springs into one’s mind the
moment the first notes of “Slowly Spinning” play out. And it is 
a good word as any to begin to describe the sound of Ransom
Scenery. The duo from Springfield, Illinois came together in a way
that is somewhat appropriate for these times - via email. Their
fruitful collaboration has resulted in their second project, ear to ear.
Drew Lowey and Chaepter Negro have crafted a soundscape with 
this album that nudges the boundaries of what experimental
music can be. At times, they cast their sounds out like finely woven
nets on water; for example, ‘Gasm Of The Heart’ is lilting and upbeat
with a touch of ominous bass as foundation. “My Golden Shield’ is
heavy, dirge-filled with an air not unlike that from the ‘80’s New
Wave. Ransom Scenery has put together an album that is meant
to expand and connect, making ‘ear to ear’ a title that is both reflective
and truthful. You can pick up the album on their Bandcamp page.

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