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[MUSIC] Luca Bash - "The Single Drops" EP

There are artists that come along that seem to tap into their
wellspring of emotions connected to nature slightly better than
others. Once The Single Drops, the new EP from singer/songwriter
Luca Bash opens, you pick up right away that he’s one of those
artists who’s beginning to show that talent. Bash hails from Rome, 
Italy and has been involved in many art forms but music has always
captivated him most. He’s been performing since 2003, and with 4
other EP’s under his belt plus festival awards in his country, it was 
all set for him to release his latest work which is a compilation of past 
tracks carefully selected to go along with a new single. The EP is stirring,
and every track is wrought with reflection as harmonious as a bird 
alighting on a tree branch. The new single, “Your Tomorrow” features
Bash’s intonations almost like prayer - an underlying effect of the tone
of his music. ‘Little Tale’ is frothy like the bubbling layer found atop a 
fresh cafe latte. The Single Drops is a tranquil piece of music that seeks
to underline what music is to be in people - a ribbon tying all of what 
matters within. 

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