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[MUSIC] Danny Severance & The Pink Slips - "A New Dawn"

We here at Manifesto Magazine have been avid fans of the wonderfully
talented musician Danny Severance for a minute now, and were happy
to sit down with him a while back. After an extended period of fastidious
creation with a new group, and relocating from NYC to the sunny shores
of Los Angeles, he’s back with a new group and new single. ‘A New Dawn’
is a crisp bit of music that rushes at you slowly like the rollicking waves
of the Pacific Ocean at the break of morning, with harmony and harmony
gently issuing forth thanks to evenly timed backing that frames rather than
dominates. Severance’s performance is masterful, wedding together genres
and solidifying his voice as one of most soulful out there. ‘A New Dawn’ is 
not only a prophetic announcement of the shining talent that is Danny
Severance and The Pink Slips, it’s also a truly enriching song. The single
is available to pre-order now on iTunes, and look out for their EP, Danny
Severance & The Pink Slips: Sessions At Purchase. Find out more about
them and their music here and follow their hashtags #dannyseverance
and #DSandThePinkSlips on social media.  

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