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[MUSIC] Steve Benjamins - 'Sightlines'

There’s certain singers out there who have the ability to
integrate that extra something within their sound that 
makes you pause. With Steve Benjamins, that statement
fits the bill completely and is backed further with the release
of his third EP, Sightlines. Benjamins, who hails from Toronto,
Canada, has impressed many not only with his distinct and
pristine voice but also by proving to be a great songwriter.
And to cap it off, he is also a talented multi-instrumentalist,
taking care of the bulk of those duties on this very EP. With
Sightlines, you are treated to a wispy but stirring feast of 
music that charms the spirit. Benjamins’ voice grabs you from
the opening notes of the EP’s title track. It’s gentle, downtempo
and skates a neat line between pop and folk. Benjamins sets
a tone that is calm and atmospheric on ‘Exploding Boy’ that
steadily introduces an upticking beat that adds nuance as the
chorus sets in. ‘Devotion’ evokes the same mastery one 
associates with Steve Winwood in terms of how the tune deftly
cascades. Steve Benjamins is definitely an artist that takes 
the time to ensure that you will gain some wistful clarity with
his music. Look for the album to be released on May 15th. 


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