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[MUSIC] Delilah - "Delilah Sings Sarah + 1( A Tribute to Sarah Vaughn)"

Jazz music is an art form that inspires many emotions,
and can ease them depending on the artist. In the case
of Delilah, she manages to accomplish both with a deft
turn and an enthralling voice. The singer, born in Hungary,
has always had music be a part of her life thanks to being
able to perform with one of the country’s foremost musicians
at a young age. Being part of the family group that was
part of the Roma musician Bongo Margit prepared her for
further work and collaborations with other artists. In a sad
turn of events, Delilah and her family had to leave Hungary
over ethnic tensions and took up residence in Toronto, Canada
which remains her home today. There, she flourished as a 
remarkable jazz vocalist that has evoked great acclaim from
critics and fans alike. This has led to the release of her EP,
“Delilah Sings Sarah + 1 ( A Tribute to Sarah Vaughn)” Delilah
counts the legendary Sarah Vaughn as one of her inspirations,
and it shows mightily on this album. Her voice is bold, moving
and elegantly strikes a gentle mood from the first note. The EP
consists of three covers of Sarah Vaughn standards as well as 
the last song, ‘Smile’ which was taken from the great Charlie
Chaplin’s movie ‘Modern Times’ and given lyrics some twenty
years after its release. Delilah makes these songs her own in
soothing fashion. ‘Whatever Lola Wants’ seethes and teases, 
and ‘September In The Rain’ is simply masterful as it’s imbued
with the singer’s own positively sunny outlook on life. It’s safe
to say that this is not only a fine tribute, but a very solid effort
from a singer we’ll be sure to hear from years down the line. The
EP is available now through her website.

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