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[MUSIC] Attik Door - "Never In Agreement"

Change can be rough overall, but those who are
capable can harness all of the burdensome parts
and channel it into something greater. That looks
to be the spirit behind the latest album by Attik
Door. The hard rock group knows about change;
each of the five members hails from various sections
of Russia, and they all now call San Francisco home.
Never In Agreement comes after the band’s various
appearances at festivals throughout California. 

Never In Agreement roars out of the gate from the
beginning. “Bleed” is a jagged pill of a track, with 
the vocals of Liana Tovmasayan sounding off like 
heavy raindrops on a car’s hood. With “Snorting 
Headlines”, you get a clear sense of the group’s 
take on the constant barrage of news headlines
and shows taking a toll on the public.”Moody” is a
track that really features exceptional drumming 
that pointedly sets a somber atmosphere. Attik
Door conveys a sharp sound that combines the 
best of rapidly moving alternative rock, along with
some folk sensibilities that one wouldn’t catch 
initially. That speaks to the harmony the band 
has achieved, and proves that despite the album’s
title, Attik Door is fully in agreement on giving 
the public solid music. The album is available now
to stream via their Soundcloud page

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