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[MUSIC] Winchester Revival - "Burden's Landing"

The night brings a lot out of you if you let it. There’s a
pulsating, restless tone to it for those who cherish it so.
And that sets the mood for the new EP release from 
Winchester Revival, Burden’s Landing. The group calls
Oakland, California home, and became the unit they 
are after stints with other groups. Their combined pool
of experience is what undercuts this EP, and it makes for
an enthralling listen. Their sound is a steady mixture of 
alternative rock, electronica a la Boards Of Canada and 
some post-modern punk thrown in that is fully formed
from the ground up without any air of being too polished.
You get that feel from the first chords of ‘Last Night In
Tokyo’, a stirring song that conveys all the warmth and 
rush of the neon lights of the Ginza district. The electronic
appeal steps up most on ‘Diligence’, a tone poem swaddled
in crisp keys. What really makes the EP bold is that fluid
harmony all of the band members have on each track. It
truly conveys the hustle and pace of the nightlife. One should
have no doubt that Burden’s Landing is going to be part of
nocturnal soundtracks everywhere. Check the entire EP
out through the band’s website listed below. 

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