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[MUSIC] CommonUnion59 - "Heartbeat Serenade"

Folk music, for some listeners, isn’t solely music 
but a vessel for them to coalesce all of the emotions
and memories they hold tightly onto. It takes a 
certain mixture of vulnerability and confidence to
bring that out of people on the part of the artist, 
and in the case of CommonUnion59, this trait is
a bonafied asset brought to illuminating fruition on
their debut CD, Heartbeat Serenade. CommonUnion59
is the singer/songwriter duo of Laura Malasig and
Stephen McKenzie. Hailing from the Bay Area, the
artists met by chance and found themselves highly
complementing each other in music - and in love.
Heartbeat Serenade is the culmination of that

CommonUnion59’s sound is tranquil throughout
the album. The opening track, ‘It’s Alright’, is a
breezy number that graces the ears thanks to
Malasig’s soothing vocals in conjunction with those
of McKenzie’s. Their harmony is a true cornerstone
of every song. “From Where We Are” is a frolic,
with guitars making the song shimmer as the
centerpiece. “This Universe” is a potent commentary
on the wonders of how we are all connected, put
forth in easy lyricism and made more poignant
by their voices. Heartbeat Serenade will be available
to the public on February 11th, and since love is
the crux of this album and the group, it’s timing is

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