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[MUSIC] We R The Lost - "Still Lost"

“Lose yourself to find yourself.” That philosophy has rung
true for many people for many years. And it is what lies at
the core of Still Lost, the latest release from We R The Lost.
The group of MC’s, musicians and dancers hail from the
Midwestern bastion of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Led by MC Jon
Briggz, the group has honed their voice through a journey
that has seen them come apart due to life and different
circumstances. Being lost in that way helped them to better
display through music what it meant to find their center
again and to connect with others on the same path. With
Still Lost, that journey gets detailed in an engaging collage.

The album starts with Briggz laying down some snappy bars
on “I’m Spotted.” The soulful production by DerelleRideOut
makes the listener understand that this is an album to gain
reflection from. There’s no subject that We R The Lost shies
away from - “The Times” hits a strident tone, opening with
an excerpt from a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King. Jon 
Briggz as an MC displays a flow that to a casual ear might 
sound cavalier, but it is measured and firmly clever to deliver
points with no delay. “Say The Word” finds Briggz trying to 
navigate the waters of love and passion in the digital age, 
again on production with a seductive and jazzy feel by Nova.
“Gold” is a spoken word interlude, delivered simply, that 
sticks to the bone. For those on a journey to cut through
the clutter of daily life, Still Lost is a compass that can help
lead the way. The album is available now via iTunes.,, 


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