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[MUSIC] G2P - "G2P EP"

Fresh from the heartland of Florida, Tampa to
be exact, comes a gritty addition to the wide 
world of alternative rock known as G2P. The 
trio of Nathaniel Shepard, Sterling Sigfried and
Matt Mallory have performed together since 
2011, and the band has enjoyed a steady rise
to prominence. This has included appearances
on local and national radio shows, festivals like
the Cleveland Music Festival and has led to the
group snagging a recording deal with Capitol. 
As a prelude to a full album this year, G2P EP
was released in August 2014. 

The EP stomps through the eardrums from 
the first track. Shepard proves to have a 
good presence with his lead vocals, most 
notably on ‘Walk Away’. He sings and the 
charging guitars seem to be a snake that is
charmed by his voice, winding in harmony.
‘Me’ quivers with ska underpinnings that 
is guaranteed to please a crowd. ‘Rain’ closes
out the EP nicely, with Mallory’s bass work
holding a solid tempo without changing the
overall tone of the track. G2P’s first foray 
is sharp and is a nice appetizer for what’s 
to come. Check out their Bandcamp page
to get the album.

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