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[MUSIC] Alice Sungurov - 'So Blind'

Life with all of its complexities does contain one 
bit of truth: sometimes there’s strands of joy that
just have to be appreciated. That’s the appeal to
be found in this single from a new singer/songwriter,
Alice Sungurov. Alice’s approach comes from an
earnest place - born to parents who emigrated from
Russia, she was unable to talk or understand anything
until she was 8 years old. Despite being diagnosed
with Auditory Processing Disorder, Alice rose above
with the help of her mother and other inspirational
figures. Now she’s released ‘So Blind’ for HitPlay Records,
and you hear and feel that vibrant energy she possesses.
‘So Blind’ has the bouncy sound one would find in a
song about teenage love, but Sungurov’s voice has
a bit of maturity that reminds you of Belinda Carlisle
in her early years. It’s a pop song that isn’t quite
bubblegum, and that suits you fine when you hear
it. Expect more from Alice Sungurov who is ready
to help you hear her joy in more music to come. 

The official video for ‘So Blind’:

Stream the single right here: 

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