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[MUSIC] Michael Leonard Witham - 'A Scandal In The Violets'

The most inconsequential moments can sometimes lead
to monumental discoveries and breakthroughs. And there’s
no doubt that Michael Leonard Witham will agree as he’s
set to have his debut album, A Scandal In The Violets, be
released this fall. Witham, who hails from Little Rock,
Arkansas, came upon music by chance through a hobby
of his. While driving in Shreveport, Louisiana, he spotted
a well-used Yamaha acoustic guitar sticking out of a junk
pile. A collector since his younger days, Witham took it
home with the intent to make a few bucks on his find.
Once he fixed it up to where it was playable, he began
to strum a few chords and got comfortable. He soon found
himself letting songs flow forth, and began to work towards
being a full-time musician. In 2011, his work made him
the only solo performer selected for the well-known Arkansas
Times Music Showcase. From there Witham began to 
perform regularly throughout Little Rock, gaining enough
steam and material to compose this album.

A Scandal In The Violets
has all the whimsical bluegrass
charm, but it is enhanced by a certain rawness that
doesn’t deter the listener from connecting with the music.
Witham’s vocals throughout nip at you, the vulnerability
and his easy delivery like a blend of Springsteen and
music by The Pretenders. Witham’s songs deal with
usual life scenarios of love but with wryness and a keen
bit of framing that raw feeling with genteel guitar work.
“Oh The Evil’ is rollicking fun as Witham sings of dealing
with the residue of heartbreak. The interplay between
his vocals and the steel guitar ring out well during the
tune which could cause some foot-stomping. “Sorry
Girl But The Show Is Over” is somewhat more melancholy
as Witham sings of a woman who’s come undone and
just how she got there. It’s done in a classic country-style
storytelling format that draws you in. A Scandal In The
sounds warm and familiar to the ears, and Michael
Leonard Witham makes sure that sticks to you like barbecue
sauce on your fingers. Find out more on his Soundcloud
page and website.

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