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[MUSIC] Billy Roberts & The Rough Riders 

There’s new twists on the traditional music
forms of country and folk music all the time.
But what separates and helps sift the voices 
and sounds that will stick from those that don’t
really click is expression. Hailing from Austrailia,
Moree to be exact, Billy Roberts & The Rough 
Riders aim to make their musical expression 
lock into place right along the heartstrings.
Billy Roberts’ music carries the distinct tonal
quality found in offerings by Neil Young and 
Wilco among other folk and rock standouts,
but it’s reinforced by dogged individuality. On
his upcoming album. that individuality has led
him to forgo the lack of creative support for 
country music in his home country and to work
with Billy Anderson in Nashville extensively. 

That leads us to an album that’s concise but 
chock full of easy-going rhythm. Billy’s vocals
throughout convey that succinctly. We see it
drive on ‘Not That Special’, dedicated to a lost
lover with enough twang to accentuate the 
rippling guitars. “Be With You” is almost tropical
with the gentle lapping of harmony and crisp
drumwork behind the lyrics. “I Was Young” is 
essentially old-school country that gives you 
both the grit and swing of a hoe-down. Billy
Roberts & The Rough Riders on this outing do
show their willingness to musically travel their
own path and take you along for the journey.
To hear more, check them out at their Bandcamp

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