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[MUSIC] The Voices Of Terror - 'Rock-Rap Dynasty'

The inner voice can be a veritable potion comprised
of various moods that can either be settled and flow
with grace or it can be churning and gnawing waiting
to leap forth. With the duo of Mike Walker and Zero,
better known as The Voices of Terror, the latter is the
best way. The band, hailing from Deptford, New Jersey,
joined together in their love of music from an early
age and found their voice within a mashup of hip-hop,
alternative rock and electronica. Such a mashup allowed
the two to get their point across in gritty fashion with
the release of their debut album, Rock-Rap Dynasty.

Rock-Rap Dynasty is part thrashing declaration, and
part showcase of the two’s skills. Walker and Zero
have their distinct styles that at first listen don’t seem
to mesh but click in the midst of the track’s energy.
Influences of artists like Tech-N9ne and Body Count
pepper their lyrics but don’t take away from their
own flavor. ‘Warning’ gives off a certain bounce that
gets you racing as both rappers dissect opponents
like a hunting knife. ‘Save Me’ isn’t an outright plea
for help, it’s a plea to be heard with clarity. And with
‘Insane Lyricist’, both Zero and Walker scrape with
their verses with seriousness. For The Voices Of 
Terror, this first album isn’t a bad way to piece 
together the beginnings of what they seek in their
album’s name. Check them out at their website 
listed below.

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