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[MUSIC] Julian Rhine - 'No God Flow'

There are artists who set out to send a message in
their music. Sometimes it’s subtle. But in the case 
of Brooklyn, New York MC Julian Rhine, the aim is 
to be in-your-face and relentless. Such is the tone
set by ‘No God Flow’, Rhine’s latest single. The MC 
has built a following performing at the CMJ Festival
as well as SXSW. He’s also been an opening act for
acts such as Mobb Deep, R.A. The Rugged Man and 
others. Rhine’s lyrical presentation is a blend of 
direct quips and metaphors wrapped in a balladeer’s
tone. ‘No God Flow’ is his verbal manifesto against
the saturation of highly religious language and 
sentiment that seeks to harm people in America,
especially those who are different from the ‘status
quo”. It pulsates with charging production that lets
Rhine flow like steady rain hitting a tin roof. The 
chorus, sung by Jae-mi, serves to underline his 
message in a simple, graceful way. ‘No God Flow’
gives a matter-of-fact appeal to a disputed topic
and puts Rhine in a bold light. Find out more about
Julian and hear ‘No God Flow’ at his Bandcamp page.

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