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[MUSIC] Stevie Bucks - 'Soul Projects'

At times when one looks over the burgeoning landscape 
of independent hip-hop, you would be inclined to think
that most artists are looking for that glimmer of recognition
to grow and display their talent to achieve that and not
much else. But for Stevie Bucks, his aim is much different.
And that is displayed on his mixtape, Soul Projects. The 
Toronto, Canada MC has put together a remarkable 
resume for someone only 21 years of age. He got his
first taste of the limelight as a bit actor in 50 Cent’s film
‘Get Rich or Die Trying’. From there he honed his skills
both as a solo artist and as a member of Blanoire. Bucks
puts on no airs on his second mixtape. His tracks cover
a wide range of topics. The mixtape starts off with ‘The 
Introduction’ that uses a soundbite of a policewoman 
arresting a young boy; this goes with the image on the
front cover. From there Stevie Bucks spits lyrics that 
reflects his upbringing in the Jane and Finch division.
‘Better Days’ is a nostalgice mixture that gives off a 
feeling of accomplishment without neglecting his roots.
‘Po Black N***a’ has Bucks in a reflective rhyme where
he takes the point of view of a bullet depicting the varied
struggles in the ‘hood. There’s also effort to link older 
hip-hop to the present on Soul Projects. The production
on ‘Black Rose’ will have hip-hop heads nodding in 
approval. And Bucks gives tribute to the late 2Pac on
the inrospective ‘Mr. Shakur’ in the midst of commenting
on leaving the corner and reaffirming faith in his craft.
Soul Projects is a solid project from an MC who has a
lot to share from his plate of experience. The mixtape is
available now through 
Twitter: @g5steviebucks 


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