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[MUSIC] Eluusif - 'Aliens Do It Better'

For those who like their EDM with a somewhat
comically cynical edge, they may have found a
like-minded spirit in the form of Eluusif. The artist
hails from London, United Kingdom and has put in
some work as a multimedia designer as well as
making a name for himself on the electronic
dance music. His subject matter is a crisp and
striking blend of pop observations, snappy
beats and a constant need for compelling rhythm.
His latest EP, Aliens Do It Better, serves all of
that up in succinct form. The first track, ‘Hair
Like Skrillex’ is a dreamy track that balances
strident bass along with gentle vocals to fit
a near Zen trance harmony. ‘No I Don’t Want
To Be Your Facebook Friend’ is a track that
features a voice basically rejecting vapid social
media contact all throughout a charging set
of synths and dubstep-tinged drums. And
‘Justin Bieber Is An Alien’ is a subdued but 
effective contrast sonically that eases you into
a chill mode. With this project, Eluusif sits 
ready to cast more vibes out there in search
of the intelligent life through music. Aliens 
Do It Better is availble now through his

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