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[MUSIC] Estere - 'Estere'

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There’s a few key words that can describe Estere’s 
music that also begin with the letter ‘E’. Eclectic.
Extraordinary. Both of those words come to mind
when listening to her debut self-titled album. The
Wellington, New Zealand singer has been featured
on Manifesto before due to her collaborations with
Red Bull Music Academy and popular Mello Music
Group producer/MC Oddisee.


The singer refers to her style as ‘electric blue witch
hop’ and it fits. Estere’s partner in her unique music
is an MPC that goes by the name ‘Lola’. Together
they draw the listener into a world of wonder. One
listens to Estere’s voice and finds it a great melange
of the sultry and enigmatic that brings to mind
shades of Erykah Badu and Caron Wheeler. It 
stands out well on the first track, ‘Reptilian Journey’,
a look into the life of reptiles and possibly our own
souls. ‘Thoughts’ gives off reggae tinged vibes with
a snap that lifts the spirit. ‘Culture Clash’, one of
the standout lead singles envelops the listener
in a lush blanket woven with Estere’s voice and
a production backdrop that lets piano harmonies
ripple like waves. ‘Patchwork Soldier’ induces a 
good deal of mellowness via simple hums and a
trance-like beat. With the impact this debut album
is sure to have, Estere will provide enchantment
for quite some time to the musical world. The
album is available now through her Bandcamp

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