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[MUSIC] Plastic Yellow Band - 'Breathe Air'

Recently we’ve seen a few groups seize upon an 
initiative to incorporate or be inspired by the era 
of classic rock that still soothes. And into this fray
of new music inspired by the old comes a new group,
Plastic Yellow Band. The band hails from South 
Carolina and is fronted by Gerry Jennings, lead 
singer and songwriter. Rounding out the group 
currently is Joe Hurt on bass and Karl Derrick Tesch
on the drums. The group’s debut album, Breathe
is an effort to link together the reverence and
creativity found in classic rock’s composition to 
today’s evolved sound without it being all about
sweetening via production boards. The result is 

Breathe Air starts out with ‘Lonely Place’, a soft
ballad that twinkles and lets Gerry’s vocals drive
the tune to a lofty point. ‘Oil Kings’ is rollicking 
with enough knock and sharp guitar riffs that 
remind you of Fleetwood Mac in a way. ‘She’s 
My Woman’ is grinding and good to the ears. 
The centerpiece of Breathe Air is the trilogy 
of songs simply entitled ‘Sunlight’. These three
songs fully stretch the band’s rhythmic exploration
in a melodic blend of psychedelic-influenced 
chords and gentle vocals. Plastic Yellow Band
has made sure that they’re giving sufficient
breath to this new wave of music with this 
debut. Breathe Air is available now via their

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