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[MUSIC] Marla Mase - 'Half Life'

Critcially regarded singer/songwriter Marla Mase returns 
with new music a year after her last album release. This
new EP, Half-Life marks a new move for Marla as this is
her first release with True Groove Records. The singer
has taken her unique style and made it more personal,
with the title being inspired by a quote from literary
great Junot Diaz. There’s a distinct sense of poetic 
vulnerability throughout Half-Life. The EP starts out 
with a charging ditty, ‘Drown In Blue’ that gives us
Marla’s signature growling and magnetic voice. Then
there’s a neat little change of pace in the next track,
‘Half-Life’. It’s mellow and lulls you into a good groove
with production that’s sparse enough and lets guitars
jump in to punctuate Marla’s wistful lyrics. And her 
leaning to introspective lyrics that tie into a few 
issues for women still remains a strong point with the
plainly titled, ‘Things That Scare Me.’ Half-Life is a
succinct but splendid release for Marla and one that
will delight her fans and new listeners alike. The album
is available now at her Bandcamp page.

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