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[MUSIC] Lael Summer - 'Burden To Bear'

Fresh voices replenish music like rainfall does to
the ocean. In the same way, Lael Summer stands
poised to do the same with her debut album,
Burden To Bear. Summer is a New York City
native who has accomplished quite a bit to date;
she’s signed to True Groove Records, and has
performed at Central Park Summerstage and
has been featured on NPR all while being a senior
in the University of Southern California’s Popular
Music Program. Burden To Bear gives the listener
a walkway into Lael’s personable vocal stylings,
at once gentle but compelling in wys similiar to
Astrud Gilberto. ‘In Time’ is a bluesy, swaying tune
with delicate guitar work and percussion that
frames Lael’s voice wonderfully. Her cover of
Hall and Oates’ ‘Do What You Want Be What You
Are’ is a standout because of the way Summer
slows down on her version, letting her voice
arc sweetly to accentuate every note. And with
Unconditionally’, Lael brings some spice to a 
direct ballad about love that would do Santana
proud. Burden To Bear is an album that dazzles
not because it’s flashy, but because it is delicate
and delivered just like spring rainfall. The album
is available at her Bandcamp page.


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