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[MUSIC] Amatus - 'Broken Compass EP'

It takes a skilled artist to cobble together a precise and
prescient voice that speaks to those voices inside us 
that are finding their strength. Amatus displays her 
knack for doing just that with her debut Ep, Broken
Compass. This is her first solo project, the latest 
success in a career that saw the Chicago native get
her start musically once she moved to Philadelphia
and sat in on sessions with The Roots & Erykah Badu.
She also received mentoring from the great Meshell
Ndegeocello. This background led her to fully utilize
all of her gifts, which she would need in later years
with the shooting deaths of her brother in 2007 and
a cousin in 2010 and a roommate in 2011.

Amatus’ music proves to be phoenix-like throughout
Broken Compass. The EP is a succinct blend of lyrics
that probe emotions a la indie pop and enthralling 
beat-making inspired by electronic music and hip-hop.
‘Messin’ storms in with her sultry vocals and a steady
drum that compels you to move. ‘Punk’ evokes some
chills with it’s haunting vocals competing but completing
the song as a trance-like gem. ‘Cherish’ is incense 
and joy, woven together with her singing and some
choice guitar riff drops. Broken Compass as a debut 
shows that Amatus is someone who will always find
her way.

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