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[MUSIC] Gemini Wired - 'What Now'

There’s something to be said for forging perserverance
through your art. And for Gemini Wired, it is an ideal
committed to flesh and spirit. The R&B singer has given
the public a new rallying song against bullying with a
real empahsis on upliftment, entitled ‘What Now’ It
came about when Gemini drew upon her turbulent 
and triumphant experiences growing up in Boston,
Massachusetts that saw her overcome being displaced
while going to high school and earning a scholarship
to college despite the hardship. ‘What Now’ has all
the verve of 1990’s ‘New Jack Swing’ and snappy
lyrics that totally bring forth Gemini’s sharp personality
and her inner strength. In her own words:

“The message behind my video ?What Now? is to encourage everyone to go  
for whatever you believe in no matter how many times others may put  
you down or try to get in your way. We won?t let them. These bullies  
cannot beat us. My video also represents the consequences for people  
hurting others and how it always goes back to karma. I want my ?What  
Now? song & video to inspire as many people as possible. There’s kids  
that have so much to offer and don?t know it because they want to hide  
their talents or intelligence. I don?t want them to be ashamed  
anymore. I want them to know people like myself and all these  
organizations have their backs. “What Now!”

Here’s the single, available on stream:

Check out the video for the single:

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