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[MUSIC] Nate Paladino - 'Good Boy'

There are those moments where you want your 
music to be as gritty as sawdust on a tavern floor,
soaking up all the feeling. That’s at the center of
this EP release by Nick Paladino, Good Boy. Hailing
from the OC, Orange County, California that is,
Paladino’s main mission with his music is to aptly
convey all of the ranges of emotion a person goes
through. Good Boy does that in a succinct style 
that is laid down with an undercurrent of humor
that can be a tad dark. “Something To Prove” is
guttural, but sonorous to evoke those feelings
brought within the ‘best’ of hangovers. And on
‘Buy Your Heart’, Nick displays a gentler side in a
ballad that coasts like an offering from Richie Valens.
The EP is only 5 tracks long, but it is a full bodied
work that makes Nick’s music have that earthy
appeal. Good Boy is available now through his

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