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[MUSIC] Cold Blue Water

You can never go wrong adding a little bit of 
feel-good blues to your daily routine. And in
the spirit of that kind of improvement to your
musical diet comes the self-titled debut of
Cold Blue Water. The group, which hails from
Eureka, California, will probably have you 
exclaim ‘eureka’ with their EP. Their music is
an engaging hybrid of roadhouse blues and 
70’s style rock not unlike The Allman Brothers.
You’ll even find a rippling underbelly of jazz
throughout. The EP consists of five tracks, but
each links together to form a terrific rhythmic
chain. ‘Catfish Blooz’ is a melodic drip, not unlike
warm honey atop a plate of biscuits. “So High”
is an enthralling tune, with moody but uplifting 
guitar play. The vocals play a key part throughout,
and they drape along the combination of organs
and keys like ornate lace. Cold Blue Water do a
stand-up job and like their moniker, deliver on
a refreshing bit of music. Their album is out now,
available through their Soundcloud page 





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