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[MUSIC] Manilow - 'Cease and Desist'

One could be thrown off by the name of this band hailing
from London, United Kingdom. Manilow however is decidedly
nothing like the smooth pop stylings of the singer who’s
first name is Barry. On the contrary, the trio of Dean Moston,
Paul Chamberlain and Gary Cardno come together to bring
forth a sound that’s anything but smooth with their EP,
Cease and Desist. The EP may be a compact four songs in
length, but every song has the cudgel-like weight fans of
punk music crave. Moston as lead vocalist does evoke the 
traditional voice of punk, but with less of an edge and with
more emphasis on notes that prove to be rhythmically engaging.
Manilow overall doesn’t seek to actively declare themselves
a new voice in post-punk but the music does in varied ways.
The first track, ‘Law Here’, swings with sinewy guitars and
has a slight ska feel to it in spots. ‘Missing’ is hard-driving,
with lyrics that thrash and shred. ‘Control Issue’ is more of
a speedy track in style and length, being the shortest track
on the EP. ‘Vitamins’ is whimsy with a touch of barbed wire
to it, a kind of Saturday morning flow that gets your pulse
jumping. Manilow is striking a tone in alternative music that
will undoubtedly keep your interest. Cease and Desist is set
for release on October 10th. 

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