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[MUSIC] The Great Escape 

With fall settling in, there is a tendency to still
gravitate to music that will let you hold onto 
your memories of sun and summer a biit longer.
You find that with the self-titled debut album
from Los Angeles, California trio The Great Escape.
The band possesses a sound that evokes a great dose
of what you’d expect in terms of alternative tunes 
with enough of a pop edge that is almost like a 
glint of sunlight through your car windshield
during a drive. The trio (Amie Miriello, Malte Hagemeister 
and Kristian Nord) have had extensive experience
working with other groups in and around the
scene in L.A. and made the decision to work with
each other. The album shows just how well they
do, with Miriello proving to be a sharp presence
with her singing. With ‘I Just Can’t Help Myself’.
Miriello’s voice becomes a sultry banner declaring
her faults and praising a lover. Hagemeister on
the guitar is striding and confident, none more so
than on “I Want It All” where he manages to
frame things beautifully. Another standout track
by the trio is ‘Rebel’ which is rollicking and snaps
with just a bit of funk in the underlying beat to
get you in a revival spirit. There’s a real pointed
amount of abandon to be found throughout this
album by The Great Escape. Abandon that truly
validates their name and their sound. Check out 
the entire album on their Soundcloud page.

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