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[MUSIC] Michael Cullen - "True Believer"

Michael Cullen returns with a brand new album
for the public, True Believer. The Sydney, Australia
musician has made it a core value to create music
his own way. He’s done so with an extensive history
with some well-known bands out of Sydney in the
1990’s before taking the plunge. His last album,
Love Transmitter, garnered huge acclaim throughout
the country after its release in 2012. Despite some 
medical issues, Cullen has managed to craft this
new album in the same manner as his last, and
the advancement can be seen within every song.
Cullen’s signature baritone is rife with harmony
that’s laced with gravel and wine. “Broken Horses”
is a stirring track denoting the heft of memories
past with the undercurrent of melancholy, but
it doesn’t drag you down. Cullen digs into a more
darker side on ‘I Walk Alone’, letting chords and
swirling keys encapsulate his vocals to better
depict his solo journey. ‘Black Coffee and Cigarettes’
is wistful, and just the kind of tune that goes well
with your diner cup of java or when you’re taking
in the sky. True Believer is a journal written in
rugged chords, and Michael Cullen has made it a
resillient one. The album is available now through
the artists’ Soundcloud page.

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