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[MUSIC] The Rick Webster Project EP

For the changing of seasons, most prefer it to be subtle
but distinct and rich with promise. That same feeling can
be felt listening to the latest offering from jazz guitarist Rick
Webster on his latest project, The Rick Webster EP. Rick
hails from Perth, Western Austrailia and has established 
himself as a noted musician on the rise, with his recent
credentials as the winner of the West Coast International
Songwriting Contest for 2013 and the winner of the jazz
category in the 2012 International John Lennon Songwriting
Contest attesting to that fact. On this EP, you see his
skills put to delectable work with the help of vocalist
Alira Wilson. The album is heartwarming and seems
to coat you just like a humid but pleasant summer
afternoon. ‘Write It For Me’ is a steady tune, Wilson’s
vocals dabbing at the ears like a paintbrush on a canvas
along with Webster’s upbeat guitar. ‘Already Mine’ is
a definite joy, reminiscent of Diana Krall but with a
touch more funk to it. The Rick Webster EP is great
album to embrace a change of pace with. And to do
so with an easy smile. 

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