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[MUSIC] ESQUILLE - Rock This Club Down

For all of those out there who like the thrill of the club,
there’s a new addition to the soundtrack for you courtesy
of Esquille. The Stockholm, Sweden DJ has been a solid
fixture on the electronic dance music scene for quite
some time. He’s lent his talent to a number of projects
that has gotten him acclaim at home and abroad. For
this EP, Rock This Club Down, Esquille has honed his
sound sonically for the people. The overall feel of the
album is infectious in an incandescent way. The title
track is chock full of bass that bounces in a rhythmic
standoff with the pulsating synthesizers. ‘It’s A House
Thing’ grooves and undulates with well-placed vocals on
the hook amidst tight production. ‘Musica Electronica’
is nothing but hardcore energy that pushes you to
move. Esquille’s EP sets him up to remain a soldily
respected figure in EDM for years to come. Rock This
Club Down will be released on September 15th. 

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