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[MUSIC] Stephano Gavilanes - 'Like Reality'

In a world where some are more addicted to constructed ideas 
of reality than what reality truly is, it leads to illusion being the
norm for them. In the case of Like Reality by New York City
artist Stephano Gavilanes, EDM is the tool at hand to shed
better light on this. Like Reality is a commentary on society
has embraced artificiality to the point where lines have blurred.
Every track speaks to that in a different way. The album’s sound
veers from 8-bit trippy to pulsating in harmony. ‘24kt’ is a
gyrating track with rich tones reflective of Daft Punk. ‘Normal
Bias’ gives you bass, and plenty of it in a downtempo way.
The track is somber, but not so somber that you won’t pick
up on the rhythm. ‘Playgrounds’ is a digitized sunburst, the
synths light and crisp throughout. Like Reality is a cherished
project and a reminder to not be so trapped up in what some
would have you think is important. The album is available
now, and comes with a digital comic as well. / @stephanomusic 

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