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[MUSIC] Joe Blessett - 'Changing Everything' 

Jazz is an art form that is supposed to bring you into
a heightened state of ease when done with precision
and style. For Joe Blessett, Changing Everything, his
sixth album, jazz in his hands becomes an easy chair
crafted with Tuscan leather. From the title track, you
get how Blessett really takes great pains to make sure 
his music isn’t run of the mill. The hip-hop influenced
drumming provides a stirring backdrop to the lilting of
the saxophone, all tied together neatly with the calm
hum of the bass. ‘Anna Mae’s Place’ is juke-joint fresh,
with organs punctuating suave guitars underneath 
Joe’s wailing on the sax. Blessett gives us a true gem
though, with ‘Talking To Miles’. This song is breezy 
but focused, and it takes a while before you can really
get all of the accents displayed here which adds to its
value. Changing Everything is one album that you will
find does so while paying homage to and building on
what came before in a genteel fashion.

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