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[MUSIC] CharlieRED - "MUSE"

This is a new project from CharlieRED, a duo out of New York
City with a sound guaranteed to be uniquely expressive. The
two man team of Cobaine Ivor on production and Rocki Evans,
who handles vocals and songwriting have gotten some early
buzz. And working with that momentum plus some random
inspiration, they’ve put together an album entitled simply,
MUSE. The album is free until September 3rd. Their sound
aims to not be constrained by genre and you may find they’ve
succeeded between Rocki’s primal but sensitive singing and
Cobaine’s instrumentation. MUSE begins with words from a
homeless man that tie this whole project together with some
profound and profane thoughts. ‘Travel Light’ is made for the
intelligent nomad, with vocals that seem to kick up emotions
like gravel on a highway. ‘Lovely’ is three a.m. bluesy, like
the tail end of a house party where you’re between sleep
and euphoria. MUSE is a grand project that shows just how
inspiration can guide you if you let it lead.

Get the album here: 

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