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[MUSIC] The Gabriel Construct - 'Interior City'

Inside of all of us lies a maze of moods. Some of them are murky, 
hard to decipher. And yet, they are vital to us. That is the epicenter
of Interior City, the new release by The Gabriel Construct. This
album is a primal tone poem, conceived by Gabriel Luis Riccio. In
each track lies a pottage of progressive rock, metal and psychedelic
rock that could serve as a post-apocalyptic soundtrack. For example,
‘Defense Highway’ is a sizable song, full of Riccio’s haunting vocals
laid over colliding bass shreds and frenzied drums. “Subway Dwellers”
flaunts excellent string melodies and charging guitars as the backdrop
for transients who make the underground home. It really brings you
up close to the mire. “Fear Of Humanity” is brooding, but not in a way
that deters you from enjoying Riccio’s fine keyboard work. Interior 
City stands forth with a primal scream to shake musical boundaries
for their own good, if you travel its maze of moods well enough. The
album is available on iTunes and Amazon. 

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