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[MUSIC] Jason Bonthron - 'Cyclops'

There’s moments when in order to really see through a lot that
may be clouding your way, you need to expand your vision. And
that is what lies at the heart of Cyclops, the solo album from the
former bass player for the reggae band Smoove, Jason Bonthron.  
This effort is the culmination of two years honing his sound and
playing throughout his native state of New Jersey. Cyclops is an
album where post-punk becomes translucent, allowing you to
sift through moods like grains of sand falling through your fingers.
Joined by another vocalist, Danielle Stauss, Bonthron makes the
music light but edgy. On ‘AM Radio’, you get that feel of driving
down the Shore, the sunlight peeking over the horizon. “Say
Goodbye” is breathy, but full as Bonthron’s vocals skip over a
staggered drum and a few banjo chords strumming along. With
“Skate Rat”. Stauss and Bonthron go at it with fervor, Stauss’
vocals zigzagging with style over Bonthron’s frenzied bass. With
Cyclops, Bonthron seeks to have you see his vision free and 
clear. Check out the rest of his album on his website: 

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