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[MUSIC] Beijing - 'Night'

Ever have those days where you just feel like the underbelly of 
a few gathering storm clouds drifting through the sky? If you
can relate, then there may be some solace to be found in music
that aptly conveys this feeling for you. And Beijing seeks to do
that with Night, their first full-length album. The band hails from
New Haven, Connecticut, drawing their musical sound from that
period of 1990’s alternative rock that dripped with melancholy 
like an shot glass of Jack Daniel’s overflowing at a dive bar. Having
gotten together in the spring of 2011, they proceeded to make
a huge name for themselves with a four-song EP, It’s Not So 
. That led to a great deal of buzz, culminating in their 
being named best underground band of the year by

From the first track, you are sucked into the aura of the album.
It feels just like a balmy night, signalling the onset of spring but
still holding a chill of the past.  ‘Into The Rain’ harkens back to 
those same melodies of beautiful discord once heard with the
Smashing Pumpkins, with drums fighting with the layers of
vocals and cascading guitar chords just like a sudden rainfall.
‘Wax Wings’ is airy, with tempo changes that don’t shake you
out of rhythm, but hold you there with every note. ‘Broken 
Glass’ is rich with a harmony that pulsates but doesn’t fully
overpower until the chorus comes in. With Night, Beijing is
poised to cut through the remaining clouds of doubt about
their music and create a storm all their own. The album is
available at their Bandcamp site, listed below.



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