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[MUSIC] Dave Plaehn - "Amos Got Soul" 

When you get right down to it, there’s a certain knack that 
needs to be cultivated for making music with a certain tinge 
of soul like the smoke off of a backyard grill. With the latest
release by Dave Plaehn, Amos Got Soul, you get a taste of
that throughout. Plaehn, who calls Oregon home, has had
a good amount of years as a performing vocalist. His voice
coats the album with a veneer of slow blues that lifts the
senses. Once you add some keen harmonica to those vocals,
Plaehn delivers a genteel yet introspective approach to the
blues. Amos Got Soul is a sultry work that draws you in bit
by bit. ‘You’re Still In My Hair’ is a rising melody brought to
bear by Plaehn’s pleas to a lover’s insistent presence framed
by violins. As the album progresses, we get more of the depth
of his blues. ‘I’m Not Brokenhearted’ is made for late-evening
cruises meant to heal the heart. ‘Stranger Blues’ is just good
old harmonica blues, and in this track you hear all of the rich
tones to Plaehn’s vocals vibrate effortlessly. Amos Got Soul is
a wafting, engaging album that shows that Dave Plaehn has
plenty of soul to share. The album is available now through
the artist’s Bandcamp link. 

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