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My Woshin Mashin - Evil Must Die

Some musicians look to evoke brand new worlds with their music. And 
some will decide to do so by letting these worlds crash into each other 
with seemingly reckless abandon until something sparkling rises from
the ashes. And the latest effort from Russian/German electronic trio
My Woshin Mashin, Evil Must Die accomplishes just that. Having joined
up after leaving their respective bands in 2010, the group decided to
make music with a varied spread of influences from German pop to
British metal and even a bit of old ballad stylings. Their first album, 
Mawama, was a highly eclectic mix that had a distinct undertone of
trippy humor throughout. With Evil Must Die, My Woshin Mashin opted
to let their music speak on all of the ills that plague this planet and in
their own way, to compel change. The first track, ‘Riders Of The Storm’,
is a fast-paced song that has their voices rise up from the discordant
mashup of heavy synths riddled with a few quick snares. “We Are What
We Eat” speaks to the embedded consumerism and consumption in us
all and how it damages us in the end. ‘Vodka’ is a snarling, techno trance
capturing that lapse into drunkeness, sounding very much like GWAR
in their heyday. ‘Bradbury’ is a swift tune of hope tinged with funky
chords and a melodic bass as backdrop. With Evil Must Die, My Woshin
Mashin has managed to give us an album that asks you to dance until
you find the quiet in the chaos. The album is out now.

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