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Slim Loris - Future Echoes and Past Replays

Every so often, the remnants of something once cherished can give birth to
something even better. For Slim Loris, that axiom has been proven true. And
with their newest album, Future Echoes and Past Replays, the group hailing 
from Stockholm, Sweden looks to re-affirm it in a more vivid way. The quartet
was formed from the members of two disbanded groups and together released
a collection of demos in 2009 before their debut album, Down To Earth was 
offered to the public two years later. Where their first album garnered them 
critical acclaim as rising stars by Billboard, in addition to high praise in their 
homeland for creating music with a more engrossing tone blending 60’s pop
from the UK with skilled songwriting, this new album finds Slim Loris more
mature and more potent throughout. “In Silence” is almost hymnal with crisp
basslines in harmony with gentle vocals and an upbeat piano. ‘Hero’ teems 
with its folk influences framing this song about someone finding their own
inner strength in tough times. “October In White” is a more wistful ballad that
speaks to the changing of seasons and of hearts, and ‘Domestic’ is a song of
hope and love rising above tumultuous overtones. Future Echoes and Past
gives a listener back that sense of serenity one seems to lost between
those two feelings in a soothing way. Look for the album to debut on May 19th.

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