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The Jinxes - Send Me A Sign

Being that springtime is settling itself in among us like an easy chair, you’ve more
than likely noticed that moods change awfully quick when the air is lighter and the
sun starts shining brighter. And with the debut EP from The Jinxes, Send Me A Sign,
we are treated to another sign ushering in more light in a musical way. The duo of
Kevin Smith and Deanna Ross have created music together since their fateful meeting
in 2008 at a local open mic Ross was hosting that Smith stumbled upon. That led to
their creative and romantic union, being strengthened more as they began to perform
together in 2010. With Send Me A Sign, The Jinxes provide a pleasant introduction
to their music, tapping into folk, rock and pop with relative ease. The title track is a
kitschy tune, one that evokes sock hops and shared malts to go with some innocence.
‘Migration’ showcases Ross’ lilting but confident vocals that melt and merge with
Smith’s own vocals, draped over delicate strings. ‘If You Want’ is folksy, with both
singers managing to not only bring Simon and Garfunkel-like tone but also a bit of
buoyant harmony that doesn’t make this song too bittersweet. ‘She Runs Away’ is
a stirring rock ballad that gives us The Jinxes at their best, their voices creating a 
swift dance with the upbeat guitars and soft organs on the chorus. If you’re looking
for music to help give you a breezy embrace to the onset of spring, Send Me A Sign
wouldn’t be a bad place to start. The CD will be available on iTunes, Bandcamp and
CDBaby May 10th of this year.

Reader Comments (2)

Love you guys -- this review sums up the talent and heart that is presented for the noise-weary listeners in your music. This is just the beginning -- so happy for you, and anxious to see what develops next! xo, mom
April 22, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDorothy Kiehne
Much appreciated! Thank you so much for your support! :)
May 1, 2013 | Registered CommenterK.Soze

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