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Doug Prescott - Blues In The Key Of Sea

Some days you need music that sets you rolling like a log would in a country stream,
full of ease and merriment. With Blues In The Key Of Sea, Doug Prescott gives you
that feeling through and through. Hailing from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the veteran
songwriter/musician brings you an engaging travel through different musical moods
with his third solo album. Prescott has a voice that moves low like spring clouds, with
enough light to make every song on this album a pleasant listen. “Smooth Sailin’ Day’
is an uptempo song buoyed by gentle bass play and spirited guitar that’s full of stomp.
He also shows some magnetic introspection, shown in great display with ‘Purple Heart
In a Crown Vic’, a song about a veteran’s struggles in dealing with civilian life. And 
‘99% Won’t Do’ is a funky blues tune of protest against rich fat cats that is tinged 
with the same spirit seen at Berkeley, Chicago in 1968 and other battlegrounds of
freedom around the nation. With Blues In The Key Of Sea, you get an Americana
that is distilled like a rich whiskey, one that you savor with every song. And thanks to
Doug Prescott, it’s a taste that you’ll take to heart for a long time. 

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