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A Primitive Evolution - The Prize

There are times where, in order to gain a grip on what your purpose is, you have to
dig deep into your own marrow, into your existence. And as evidenced on The Prize,
the latest album from alt-rockers A Primitive Evolution, the digging may just be the
journey and the destination. The trio from Toronto, Canada have proven committed
to this journey for the past five years with critical acclaim, their self-titled debut in
2009 being born with the idea of breaking barriers, in thought as well as in music.
This new album, an inspired collection of re-worked tracks from their debut along 
with new songs is sonically stirring and magnetic. “Coming and Going” is a lush poem
composed with tight vocals and lead guitar work that accentuates but doesn’t dictate
the flow. “I Feel It All” is hard-charging, and pulls you into the rhythm so deep that
you not only don’t notice the tempo change of the song near the end at first, you 
don’t even mind where it takes you. And ‘The Prize’ becomes a fluid centerpiece of 
the album with its taut bass work and chords rising with the crisp songwriting. A.P.E.
has proven with The Prize that creativity is not only a tool for evolution, but the 
defining home for it to lay its head.

A Primitive Evolution - “Lord Of Reason” Official Music Video

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