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two chapels - 'Free You' 

When Jenn Grosman and Marc Wilhite met while studying at NYU, they each happened
to represent two different forms of musical creativity; Grosman being a multi-media
artist and vocalist, and Wilhite being a electronic music producer/composer and programmer.
Two different creative minds coming together to create a new musical mood with the
same rapture one finds in religion, hence their name, two chapels. Their first single,
‘Free You’ is a slow-paced, hypnotic tune that in the first few notes brings you into a
haunting mood. But Grosman’s vocals are like a beacon cutting through and adding
to the murkiness of the beat, leaving you totally enveloped in the ensuing sound. If
their upcoming EP due out this summer is anything like this song, there may be
quite a few more devotees to the sound of two chapels.

Free You by two chapels 


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